From the Czech Giant Mountains and the Bohemian Paradise to the Golden Ice Axe (Piolet d'Or)

Our double holder of the Golden Ice Axe Piolet d'Or uses TERAG II membrane jacket, KOTEKA II 850 ultralight sleeping bag, KJERAG down pants, MITTS 8000 DOWN and Sir Joseph DOWN BOOTS for his Alpine and Hymalayan climbs.


2021: New Czech first ascent and traverse in Nepal - Zdeněk Háček Hák and Jaroslav Banán Bánský managed the first traverse of the Kangchung Shar mountain (6043 m) in Nepal. The first ascent led along the NW ridge and descended on the south side of the mountain.

2019 - Nepal, Chamlang   7 319 m. A new route through the NW wall. Alpine-style ascent in 8 days with climber Marek Holeček.

2017: Gašerbrum I   8,068 m - ascent along a new path through a south-western wall in alpine style with Marek Holeček.

2016: Nošak   7,492 m - ascent and descent on alpine skis

Many other ascents in the Alps as a mountain guide
Many other ascents on the rocks of Adršpach and Bohemian Paradise


Peggy is an extreme biker with 5 years of experience - worldwide accepted rider in long range self-supported racing, adventurous athlete, amateur mountaineer, ski-tourer and lover of minimalism. Champion and record holder in MTB race 1000miles (1,660 kilometers, which is a very difficult terrain track leading through Czech and Slovak mountains). Successful participant in Tour Divide (North America, 4400 km, MTB), Highland Trail 550 (Scotland, 890 km within stony landscape). Altogether with Adam Záviška the first  successful challenger of never yet finished race Lapland Extreme Challenge (900 km above the Arctic Circle)


The most favourites products: Koteka II 290, jacket Koteka II, bivvy sack K6


Recent Awards:


8100 km biking accross America self supported - American Trail Race


self-supported bike races TRANS GERMANY and ITALY DIVIDE - usually first lady from Czech Republic and first lady at the finish line : )


Altogether with boyfriend Adam Záviška the first  successful challenger of never yet finished race Lapland Extreme Challenge (900 km above the Arctic Circle)



2nd on Highland Trail 550 – 890 km extreme  MTB self-supported Race

Historical best result on Lapland Extreme Challenge – 900 km Artic Winter self-supported Race (nobody finished yet)



2nd on Artic Winter Race Rovaniemi 150

4th on Tour Divide Race – 4418 km extreme MTB self-supported Race



1st on 1000 MILES Trans Czechoslovakia 2014 self-supported Race

1st and Champion of the Czech Republic on 24 Hours Race MTB Beroun

1st on Rock Point Winter Mountain Challenge (222 km)



1st on 1000 MILES Trans Czechoslovakia 2013 self-supported Race

2nd on 24 Hours Race MTB Jihlava

1st on 24 Hours Race MTB Liberec (mix team)

1st on 24 Hours Race MTB Beroun


Personal website: http://peggymarvanova.cz/



Rozhovor o Lapland Extreme Challenge na WEBU CESTOVATELŮ


Stream TV


Tour Divide 2015

Highland trail 550

Lucka Hrozova is a worlclass ice, drytool and mix climber. With many hard ascent all over the world, with 14 medals from ice climbing Worldcups. Besides this world ice climbing achievements she likes czech sandstone climbing and bouldering anywhere...

Ice and mix ascents:

  • Saphira M15-, Vail, USA, prvopřelez projektu Stanley Vrby, nová nejtěžší mixová cesta Ameriky, nejtěžší cesta přelezená ženou a nejtěžší ženský prvopřelez v dosavadní historii, 2016
  • Mustang M14-, Vail, USA, přelezení nejtěžší mixové cesty Ameriky na první pokus, 2016
  • Low G Man D14, 1. ženské opakování cesty a celkově druhý přelez, oblast Bus del Quai di Iseo v Itálii
  • Jedi master M11, Valle d'Aosta, Cogne
  • Pray for power M13, Německo
  • Bafomet M14, Vysoké Tatry
  • Ironman M14, první ženský výstup cesty a vůbec první ženské přelezení cesty klasifikace M14, Eptingen, Švýcarsko, 2013
  • Superman M13+, Eptingen, Švýcarsko
  • Law and Order M13
  • Illuminati, druhý ženský výstup v té době nejtěžší mixové cesty v Alpách, 2012


Slovakian photographer who says about himself that he is only a tourist carrying 5 kgs extra photo equipment. His biggest passion, besides making photos, is sleeping outside, very often on ice and snow. This is also the reason why we decided to cooperate with Simon. His most favourite mountains are Small Fatra region in Slovakia.


Published photos besides others on:






Own presentations:





Material: Sleeping bag: Sir Joseph Looping II 900 and Sir Joseph Erratic Plus II 1000, jacket Sir Joseph Apron Hooded


Marketa is at first mainly a nature lover but also amateur mountaineer, ski-tourer and cyclist. She like classical hiking, trekking and rafting as well. In 2009 she was implanted a pacemaker. She didnt give up her hobbies and today again making a lot of adventures to mountains and wild nature all over the world. She is frequently writing articles to specialized Czech trekking website and magazine.


  • Himalaya – Makalu trek with minimal back up + summiting Mera Peak (6476 m)
  • Pamir – Pik Lenina 7134 (acquired height 6200 m), Pik Razdělnoj (6215 m)
  • Kavkaz – Elbrus (5642 m)
  • Alps - Castore (4228 m), Breithorn (4164), Grand Paradiso (4061 m), Weissmies (4017 m), Alphubel (4206 m), Vincent Pyramide (4215 m), Zumsteinspitze (4563 m), Signalkuppe (4554 m), Bishorn (4153 m)
  • Grossglockner (3798 m), Wildspitze (3774 m), Grossvenediger (3666 m), Similaun (3606 m), Marmolada (3343 m) a Langentaler Weisser Kogel na lyžích (3218 m)…
  • Pyrenees – Pico de Aneto (3404 m)
  • High Tatras, SK – Kežmarský štít, Huncovský štít, Široká veža, Baranie rohy, Predný Kopiniak, Rysy, Jahňačí štít, Kriváň


  • Than Shan – trekking the Kjungej Alatau mountains
  • Crossing Low Tatras, SK, Starohor Hills a Great Fatra with full equipment – elevated 8840 mtrs (almost same as Everest)


  • Olomouc – Dlouhé Stráně – Olomouc: cca 180 km in one day
  • Olomouc – Praděd – Olomouc: cca 160 km in one day


  • Many single and multiple pitch routes in Czech, Austria, Italy, Croatia

Markéta uses jacket Spantik, pants Kjerag, sleeping bag Looping 1200Mitts Down a windproof jacket Onyx.





She was born in Jablonec nad Nisou, Northern Bohemia and lives in Horni Maxov in Jizera Mountains. Jana is a musher, competitor with dog sledge. She as the only Czech competed in all 3 toughest European long races: Finnmarkslopet 1000 and 500, Femundlopet 600km.

When Jana finished Finnmarkslopet, Norwegian nonstop race for 1000km, she became the only foreign woman in the whole history of this race (since 1981) who have finished in 8 days and 16 hours.

Her hobby became her job gradually and taking care of her 32 dogs daily routine, as well as dog races, her HUSKY School, writing articles, photographing.

Jana published here first book for kids from the Husky dog life.

Jana dreams about participating in Alaskan legendary Iditarod race, 1600km long. If everything goes according to the plan, she would like to start in March 2018.

All important could be found on www.huskies.cz






Material: sleeping bag Sir Joseph Looping II 1200