Motto: Light as a feather but it will blow you away ...


The aim of our compay is to produce maximally functional products which can stand in extreme conditions of world´s highest peaks and at the same time adapt to the needs of customers. Our products are custom made to the conditions and purpose for which it will be used.


For more than 45 years Sir Joseph has been producing high quality outdoor gear: down and Primaloft® filled clothing, down sleeping bags, waterproof wear as well as life-style outdoor fashion.

We supply quality and reliable outdoor gear to the world´s top high-altitude climbers, big walls and rock climbers on all continents, polar explorers, trekkers, tourists as well as children discovering the world.

We benefit from our own rich experience from dozens of expeditions to the world´s highest mountains and draw inspiration from the best world climbers of today.

Quality, reliability, durability. Intelligent technical solutions and practical details, highly functional materials, the best european goose down, top-quality elaboration of all our products, own production facilities. Attractive design, eye-catching colours, perfect fits and sophisticated accessories. From this mixture we create the best outdoor gear and clothing.

We wish you great adventures and happy homecomings.

YoursSir Joseph Team



All details on our products are aimed for maximum comfort and durability. Functionality of details is being permanently tested by the world´s best climbers on many expeditions. Feedback from active users helps the development of details.


Quality and reliability of our products is being heavily tested by our customers upon many expeditions in various climatic conditions.All of our products are designed and produced in a way that their quality and functionality reflect the needs of our customers, and to protect them as good against unfarourable weather on a trek in Pyrenees as on a face of Himalayan summit, to succeed in the hardest projects.


We offer wide range of service to our customers. Our services cover: pre-sales consulting, warranty and after-sales service, informational service, catalogues by dealers, wholesale conditions, services connected with maintainance and cleaning.


We use only high quality materials which comply with European norms (EN) and which are accompanied with delivery certificate from the supplier. We emphesize mainly technological procedures according to agreed parametres and certified production processes which guarantee long durability, longterm functional parametres and features, mainly optimum ratio between temperature comfort, weight and size of the product.

Our company acquired, as the first producer in the Czech Republic, certificate according to CE EN 13537 for sleeping bags back in 2005 (the norm published by the European Outdoor Group sets requirements for testing of temperature limits for sleeping bags).


We emphesize the ration in between thermal comfort and overall weight. Only the product with enough space in thermal comfort and minimum weight and volume has chance  to be used in the most extreme expeditions.