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« back on news04.12.2013, Pavel Suchý

Short interview with motorcycle traveller Pavel Suchý from the Czech Republic who is on a world tour with his 1978 motorcycle JAWA 350 ccm. He has our RIMO 600 sleeping bag. Currently he is in Equador.

1/ how important is to sleep well on a round-the-world tour?

Same as on any other longer trip, it is very important to sleep well. To wake up more tired than in the evening, I wouldnt be able to ride my bike further.

2/ in which most extreme conditions have you slept?

So far it wasnt too much extreme, 3 below zero in the tent. But because of the fact that RIMO is a light 3-seasonal sleeping bag, it wasnt too comfy.

3/ same as your motorcycle, also your sleeping bag is traditional Czech hand-made product. Do you promote Czech products on your tour?

I am trying. Jawa round-the-world tour is based on the idea of Czech products and companies. I am at the same time pleased when people abroad are interested in our small country on the other side of the planet Earth.

4/ how many nights do you stay in the sleeping bag during your tour?

I dont count but I think it will be more than half on my one-year tour. From Middle America it is harder with sleeping outside, that is why the sleeping bags stays on the bike in front of the hotel. But when I will leave the tropical area down south, it will be actual again.

Yours Pavel Suchý, JAWA