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Markéta Hanáková, member of our team, is planning expedition on 3rd highest Pamir mountain, Muztagh Ata, 7546 mtrs. This mountain is located in west-chinese province Xinjiang. Unforgetable snowy ridge is raising above Subashi valley, close to Lake Karakol. Very close is the famous trans-Himalayan highway, so called Karakoram Highway which connects China and Pakistan.

Muztagh Ata is 43rd highest mountain. First try on this mountain was dated back in 1894 with Swedish expedition led by Mr. Hedin. First to reach the summit were Chinese climbers in 1956.

If Markéta will be successful, it will be probably the highest ascent of a climber with pacemaker worldwide. Also it would probably the first ascent of this mountain by a climber with pacemaker. You can follow her expedition on our webpages, our Facebook, or on expedition webpages (in Czech).